.CONNECT PERSONNEL – Loading Employee Information

Jun 18th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola

Today we discuss the most basic feature of the .CONNECT PERSONNEL software; Loading Employee Biodata.

The following are steps to take :


Step 1: Log in via the login interface


Step 2: Click on the New Employee link on the left tab shown with the red arrow.

Once clicked, it loads the New Employee Module shown below.



Step 3: Enter the employee information. The asterisked fields MUST have some information in it else the system will not take it.

Note: DOB = Date of Birth : This field is very important as this field is used to employee calculate age and birthdays.

Department: This section is very important because it allows the software to know which group the employee is which also affects other group based events like allowances, salaries etc.

Employee Status: Since .CONNECT Personnel is fully dynamic and customizable, you can create as many statuses as possible and also apply different color codes to the statuses. In other words, you can instantly know an employee status based on the colour displayed under the name.

Employee Type:  Again an HR personnel can select from the various types of employees you may have in your organization.

*NOTE: .CONNECT PERSONNEL IS 100% DYNAMIC: This means, you can create, change and remove information to suit your corporate needs

personnel4Step 4: Next you click on the Address tab. This tab allows you to add more address information for the employee. By populating all the fields, the system can effectively calculate taxes based on the employee’s residence.

The phone and email fields allows for instant and integrated communication via SMS and email right from the system.


Step 5: Clicking on the Department tab brings information relating to the employee department and other department history information.

Lets break it down:

Designation:This field tells us the role or title the employee is within the organization. Remember, the HR staff can easily add or edit the designations or roles.

Grade:  Every employee has a grade level. This grade level helps in programmatically understanding ranking within the organization. We will discuss how to create the grade rankings in future blogs. The grade system also helps during the promotion and demotion as well as reporting chain of command.

Reporting To:  One can physically pic another staff to show who the employee directly reports to. This allows for a mapped approval tree for events like leave requests, purchase orders etc.

Hire No:  The internal employee number given to the staff.

Hire Date: The official start date of the employee. This is used to calculate the number of years the employee has worked.

Hire Department : This is the very first department the staff was hired into. Knowing this can display a history of the growth and movement of the employee in the organization

personnel6Step 6:  The financial tab focuses on all aspects of the employee financials. This tab stores the employee Bank,Pension and Hospital account Information.






Step 7 – Others Tab:

This tab is used to enter other information that may not necessarily fit into any other field. The religion tab is to identify the employee’s beliefs, while the ID MARKS field is to identify whatever identifying marks the employee may have.

The NOTES field can log any other information on the employee.


Now you may be asking, where do we load the employee’s picture. We will discuss that in our next topic. So stay tuned.

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