CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.957       Click here to download Connect Educator

Added/Latest Feature

  • Product Transfer
  • Bug Fix

    CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.955       Click here to download Connect Educator

    Added/Latest Feature

    • Update to Mama Child upload
    • Reports section upgraded. Includes Cash deposited and breakdown by clients
    • Period Extension
    • Updated OnAcct pay logic to disable if customer balance is zero or less than zero
    • Updated Product Receiver module. Allow multi-acceptance.
    • Improved the Product Receiver module to use distinct account id
    • Updated the sales return module
    • .

    • Updated key generation module to capture characters
    • Option of having fraud alerts turned off

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.927       Click here to download Connect Educator

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Nightlife Module added
      • Improvement in stock transfer system
      • Ability to have loyalty cards with SMS integration
      • Updated Maintenance Notification
      • Improved Cloud Synchronization
      • Improved Inventory Management
      • Enriched Cash Management / Inventory Reporting
      • Deeper Product Audit Tracking and Analysis


      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.50

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Ability to restore databases upon payment confirmation
      • Maintenance Centralization
      • Contractor Notification
      • Hotelier bug fixes
      • Synchronization of cloud clients to local
      • Maintenance Days Calculation Updates


      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.42

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Price Check Feature for customers
      • Bug fix for 1 year maintenance
      • Merge Accounts or Mistakenly duplicated accounts
      • Archive Data and Optimize DB


      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.30

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Ability to generate global report across multiple subsidiary companies
      • Product Sales Analysis across multiple companies
      • Bug Fixes

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.16
      Added/Latest Feature

      • Upgraded Cash/ Credit Sales Financial Tracking
      • Integration with ZKTEco biometrics / Access Control System.
      • Ability to link client, door, and access controls
      • Cashier to Manager cash transfer feature
      • Code efficiency fixes
      • Project based financial tracking
      • Ability to make multiple payments to different contractors and clients from one interface
      • Major Bug Fixes and general improvements

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.089

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Hotelier Integration on the .CONNECT platform
      • Hotel oriented reports for the decision maker
      • Bug Fixes
      • Ability to sell in Clubs, Bars, Lounge
      • Complete flow for client, cashier, supplier real time transactions
      • Integrated Cashless Operations. Stop Pilferage!!!
      • Separate access and business process flow for entertainment centers
      • Track client’s Purchasing Power in real time
      • Suppliers can update their stock levels in Nightlife mode
      • Bug Fixes

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.07

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Product Expiry Date added to GRN entries
      • Ability to view Expiring goods
      • Ability to view reports by sales point and clients
      • Additional Features added
      • Bug Fixes

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.06

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Upgraded migration system with minimal interruptions
      • Popular old Shopper features integrated
      • Consolidating Shopper / Trader to the Finance accounting platform
      • Ability to update prices via GRN module
      • Additional Features added
      • Bug Fixes

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 4.015

      Added/Latest Feature

      • New User Interface to maximize efficiency
      • API exposure for 3rd party integration
      • Consolidating Shopper / Trader to the Finance accounting platform
      • Bug Fixes

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 3.997
      Added/Latest Feature

      • Upgraded Cashier System.
        • Ability to Hold Sales
        • Ability to apply sales to cash and credit account on file
        • Improved prepaid and postpaid sales integration
      • Supermarket / Restaurant / Bar sales integration

      CONNECT FINANCE   v 3.985

      Added/Latest Feature

      • Dedicated Cashier module for instant payment for purchases
      • Client Loyalty cards, VIP cards integration
      • Product Level Status

      .CONNECT FINANCE   v 3.98
      Added/Latest Feature

      • Ability to link multiple bill payments to one master payment
      • Ability to synchronize to cloud
      • Fine tuning of Client and Contractor Journal


      .CONNECT FINANCE   v 3.975
      Added/Latest Feature

      • Ability to copy user access for a new user
      • Show default currency per company and default it for all transactions
      • Default company per user login
      • Auto-pay feature for contractors-bank payment upgraded
      • Quotations module for contractors updated
      • Code Search of bill and link to journal updated
      • Bank payment detail now showing in contractor module
      • Contractor Quotation now linking to Bill.
      • Auto conversion of contractor quotation to bill


      .CONNECT FINANCE   v 3.965
      Added/Latest Features

      • Deeper Integration of Multi-Currenty, User, Company features
      • Increased customization and ease of use
      • Bug Fixes



      .CONNECT FINANCE v 3.75

      • Fully cloud configured.
      • Project-Based Accounting System added.
      • POS System integrated.
      • Invoice Payment updated.
      • Auto-Pay of Invoices (optional).
      • Auto-Deposit of Funds (optional).
      • Bank Payment updated.
      • Auto-attachment of signature on Invoices, Quotations and Receipts (optional).
      • Ability to get alert via email & SMS on invoice value, petty cash value, bank status and inventory level.
      • Access Control updated.

      .CONNECT FINANCE v 2.51 <


      • Sales Orders & Waybill Integration
      • Waybill & Invoices Integration
      • Invoice Presentation upgrade
      • Upgrade in Client Payments and Deposits

      .CONNECT FINANCE v 2.49 Download-button-now


      • Sales Rep / Agents modules added
      • Track Sales by sales reps and associated commissions
      • Special commission on a client by client basis
      • Track expenses per sales rep

       Installation Steps

      1.Double click on the Download Icon to download file

      2.Double click on the downloaded file to open

      3.Click on the “extract to” button (in red highlight)

      extract to

      4.Click on “local C drive”, “Coldfusion”, “wwwroot” and “connectfinance” in succession (all in red highlight)

      local disc



      5.Click on “ok”

      6.Click on “yes to all” (in red highlight)


      7.Enter http://localhost:8500/connectfinance/patches/runpatches.cfm in a browser