.Connect Medical Introduction

.Connect Medical,  a Solution that Ensures Paperless Clinical Activities and Hospital Management Operations.

.CONNECT MEDICAL is a solution designed for Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare centers to manage laboratory, clinical, pharmaceutical and administrative activities. This solution contains multiple modules which include Patient Management, Case Management, Staff Management, Rooms and Admission Management, Asset Management, Accounting, etc.

.Connect Medical is designed to be used by small & medium size hospitals with a focus on making you work better, smarter and efficiently.

Some of the features of .Connect Medical include;

  • Automatic bill generation
  • Integrated HMO bill transmission
  • Payment and Receipt Automation
  • Income & Expense Register
  • Petty Cash
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Bank Payment/Deposit & Transfer
  • Patient Clinical Record Manager
  • Drug Administration
  • Symptoms Register
  • Check up Register
  • Laboratory Report Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Situation Report
  • SMS Facility
  • Alert System for Patients and Hospital Officials
  • Multi-user & LAN Compatible
  • And much more.

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.Connect Medical, putting you in control.