.CONNECT Investor Introduction

.CONNECT Investor is a software designed from the ground up to meet the needs of stock and bond trading companies. It is designed to cater to client needs, transaction monitoring and history, statement generation and other full service operations.

.CONNECT Investor features include :

  1. Folder based client transaction management system
  2. Detailed Account transaction  and client ledger records
  3. Real Time and Historical Client Equity and bond positions
  4. Real Time Equity and Fixed Income (Bonds & Treasury Bills) portfolio valuations
  5. Trade contract notes (Bought / Sold)
  6. Centralized document management system
  7. Integrated Accounting solution and ability to export to other Accounting Solutions (SAGE, ORACLE etc)
  8. Online access to view account transactions and balances
  9. Trade Processing/Order Entry

  10. Monitor transactions based on either trade, contracted settlement, actual settlement , record , or effective dates

  11. Securities and Valuation

  12. Built-in standard financial industry calculations

  13. Track dealer and broker commission as each trade is processed

  14. Extensive accounting records and audit trails

  15. Accurate calculations for accrued interest, realized, and unrealized gains or losses

  16. General Ledger, Invoicing, Trade Order Management, Custodial Interface..

  17. Real time client communication systems (SMS, EMAIL)

.CONNECT Investor is an essential tool  for your brokerage firm allowing for easy organization of client transactions and operations.

We will break down the many features of this software in other articles. Follow us on Twitter @etnconnect to learn more about how this software can help simplify your office operations.

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