ETN.CONNECT has a vast experience in the design and deployment of multiple network topologies. We have worked in multiple industries and environments to fully understand the behaviors of different infrastructure deployed. With this in mind, potential students can be rest assured that they will get the most relevant training on leading edge technologies. Infact most of our graduates have gone on to become leaders in Technology companies.

So what will you learn with you come to ETN.CONNECT? Here we go:

  1. Understanding Networks
  2. Capturing Client needs and implementing a design plan
  3. Configuring Routers
  4. Designing a network plan inside the router
  5. Monitoring Router Events
  6. Deploying Remote Networks
  7. Creating Virtual Private Networks
  8. Router Backup and Replication
  9. Designing and Deploying Wireless Networks

As you progress and graduate through the various steps, we will be able to design a personalized and focused training plan to help you reach your maximum potential.