.Connect: Pharmacare Intro

.CONNECT PHARMACARE is an inventory management software used to make and track  sales. It comes in handy for pharmacies,   and it also has bar codes functionality to manage drugs from sachet level all the way to cartons.

It standardizes monitoring of customer sales, staff module and staff access restrictions, tracking inventory and alerts when stock is running low, monitoring of financial position at anytime, ability to know your stock valuation.

.CONNECT PHARMACARE allows clients  to modify the software to suit their unique needs, evaluate statistical reports based on real time data from the store, ability to add your suppliers, expense module for the generation of your profit/loss margin, ability to print out different reports, ability to track your credit customer sales and the amount they owe at a particular period of time, ability to track items transfer from warehouse to supermarket before selling to customer, ability to analyze all your supplies, ability to restrict cashier access and also to add all your contractors into the system.

Other features includes :-
1.Ability to make sales by the drug name, bar code, diagnosis and generic name.
2.Keeping of your customers details in case you want to run a promo
3.Linking of barcodes with item ID.

.CONNECT PHARMACARE is 100% dynamic for its good customer relation by keeping customers contacts.

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