Emagynet Technologies also known as ETN.CONNECT was created in 2001 as a web application and development firm. What started as a hobby has gradually grown with business divisions in the Application Development sector, Satellite and Wireless Services, Intelligent Security Solutions as well as the media sectors.

Currently, ETN.CONNECT has employees in United States and Nigeria. Our support staff are also spread out between Sweden and the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Sango Ota , we provide full-service, international client/server consulting and systems integration solutions.

ETN.CONNECT is committed to the continued growth and success of our various professional service offerings.

Those offerings include:

  • Packaged software installation and integration.
  • Enterprise customer application management.
  • Advanced networked computing, financial services.
  • Education and training.
  • Trust a track record that speaks for itself

ETN.CONNECT has pioneered solutions in the shift to client/server computing, earning a reputation as a premier systems integration firm, with the know-how to deliver mission-critical projects on time and within budget to achieve targeted business benefits. Our experience in enterprise applications is extensive.


Why is ETN.CONNECT uniquely qualified?

Our Experienced Staff:

ETN.CONNECT has highly trained and experienced consultants. Our consultants, including those that specialize in our enterprise application business lines, average 14 years of experience in industry and/or consulting. ETN.CONNECT Project Managers average 15 years of industry experience.

We are able to field smaller teams of very seasoned, highly trained and experienced professionals who use multiple methodologies to deliver rapid on-time and on-budget solutions.


Our Approach:

We utilize a collaborative client partnering approach based upon knowledge sharing, open communication, clearly defined project goals and objectives, and mutual success.


Our Methodology:

Our approach to package evaluations and selections is built upon a fundamental framework. ETN.CONNECT has developed an “Engineering” approach to defining our client´s business processes, applying our knowledge of best industry practices and best of breed vendor application products.

We provide impartial and objective management of vendor selection in a qualitative and quantitative fashion to ensure that we help you evaluate and select the best product to sustain your current and future business requirements.


Our Experienced working force:

ETN.CONNECT has substantial experience in identifying our client´s unique business requirements and providing rapid, cost-effective solutions. We have knowledge and experience in best practices, advanced technology and industry to ensure that we can quickly deliver results.


Our Commitment to Project Success:

ETN.CONNECT is your complete network design, and integration Company whose goal is complete customer satisfaction while providing a robust value added service for all your communication/transport needs.
ETN.CONNECT’s Core Business:

  • Software Application Development
  • Wired/Wireless Networking services
  • Network Security designs (Intrusion detection and prevention).
  • Corporate computer systems maintenance.
  • Firewall design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Corporate Intranet design, implementation, and management.
  • Fibre-optics.
  • Voice and Data over IP (Internet Protocol).
  • Office automation (We tailor specific office automation software suites to meet clients´ needs).
  • Website/Portal Designs and management.
  • Time and Attendance systems (Biometrics and web-based time clock).
  • Power Backups (Inverter Systems and Solar).
  • Wired/Wireless, Networking & Fibre Optic Trainings.
  • Internet Service Delivery via VSAT – KU/C spectrums.