Jun 12th, 2013 | by Chijioke Ohaegbulam

.CONNECT INVESTOR is a software application designed specifically for financial houses, stock brokerage firms, bond trading companies and treasury bills dealers.

It streamlines the tracking of funds from customer accounts to the trading platforms. Designed from a portfolio point of view, financial managers can easily access their clients information folders and perform transactions that directly affects customer positions as well as the financial house position.

The uniqueness of the software lies in the ability to upload daily stock price list and daily trade data that automatically updates the mark to market price, the profit and loss account report and other financial and transaction reports. The software application takes into consideration all commission fees in its computation.

The following are some of the features of .CONNECT INVESTOR;

1.   Client Module: Transaction, Communication, Counter Party, Document uploads.

2.   Equity: Market Making, Buy Trades, Sell Trades, etc.

3.   Fixed Income: Bond, Volume Analysis, Auction Commission, Commission Sheet, Income Summary.

4.   Treasury Bills: Income Summary, Transactions.

5.   Advisory Services

6.   Admin: This is an area where you set up the software application in relation to your company’s uniqueness and system. It also enables you to carry out other administrative roles.

.CONNECT INVESTOR is highly versatile, it’s the solution to your investing demand. It gives the flexibility you need to track your buying and selling anywhere, any day, anytime.

Best of all, it is extremely customizable and can be further customized to fit the specific and unique needs of your company or clients.

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