.CONNECT PERSONNEL – How To Load Employees’ Performance Targets (KPI)

Mar 10th, 2016 | by

To rate employees using the Performance Index, the performance index should be set up. To do this, you click on the department tab under the setup module, click on performance, then set up the performance type. Performance type is the type/category of the indexes that the employees would be rated on.


After setting up the performance type, enter the performances by inputting the performance, select the performance type, the performance maximum score, the performance minimum score then load data.


To rate employees based on their individual performance objectives, the performance type would have been set up in the department tab under the setup module.

You then go into the folder of said employee, click on performance, then performance /target.


Type in the performance target, select the performance type and load. Repeat procedure until all performance targets have been loaded



To score the employee on pre-loaded target, click on the score tab beside the performance/target tab


Select the performance target to be scored, input the score (score should not be higher than pre set performance type overall), adjust the date to suit preference, input recommendation if any and load data. Repeat steps till all targets have been scored.  The scores for each performance type is averaged and the weighted score is calculated.


Incase of review by any senior employee, the reviewed score is considered and the name of the reviewer is saved in the reviewer’s column. Notifications in form of emails and pop ups will be received by all concerned party.

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