.Connect Personnel – HR & Payroll Management Solution – W/AFRICA

Jun 15th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola

Honestly, it is interesting to note that in the 21st century, over 70% of the small and medium sized organizations in W.Africa still aren’t using at least one computer in their organization not to even talk of a software. In 2006, we decided as a company to start focusing on software applications for small and medium sized organizations and I must say it hasn’t been an easy battle at all.

One of the software packages recently introduced to the West African market is .CONNECT Personnel. This software is specifically designed for organizations to organize employee data with multiple modules which include the following:

  1. Personal (Employee, Family etc)
  2. Official (Assets, Schedules, Awards, Benefits, Leave etc)
  3. Education and Training (School, Training, Experience etc)
  4. Events ( Accidents, Incidents, Offenses, Health etc)
  5. Payroll (Salary, Loan, Taxes, Reimbursements etc)
  6. Performance and Key Indexes
  7. Employee Projects and Tasks
  8. Employee Documents
  9. Communication

.CONNECT PERSONNEL consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly—from your office, the road or home.

We will break down the many features of this software in other articles. Follow us on Twitter @etnconnect to learn more about how this software can help simplify your office operations.

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