.Connect Pharmacare: How to Track Items or Drugs Expiration

Jul 22nd, 2015 | by

Track Drugs or Items Expiration Date

Steps involved in tracking items or drugs expiration:

  1. Login via the admin interface using your unique username and password
  2. Locate the “inventory” catalog and click on the “batch inv.item” tab
  3. You will be redirected to the “batch inv.item” interface where you have to “select a store”, “select a category” , type in the   “item name” in respect of the item(s) you want to add its expiration
  4. Click on the “load items” tab to get the drop down of item(s)
  5. Fill up the “new.qty” with the actual quantity you got at least a figure higher than zero into this new.qty box
  6. Input items or drugs expiration into the “expiry date” box, in this format (year/month/day )
  7. Stroll down and click on the “load new inventory” tab below to successfully update the items or drugs expiration date.