Five cardinal axioms of practicing “Modern Medicine” (un)successfully

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Five cardinal axioms of practicing “Modern Medicine” (un)successfully

Somehow the concept of Evidence based medication (EBM )never excited me personally in spite of great strides it offers made. Most likely the main reason for that is, EBMs origin, quality, and credibility is severely compromised. (in it too ! though it seems to ooze science 24/7 and work out us believe) Herewith, sharing a few of the forbidden thoughts(with lots of pun) for a (un)successful practice of EBM. This is definitely not meant for young and novice medical professionals. Strictly for the people who is able to segregate feeling from non (S)

Evidence-based Doubting


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View this for a minute . . . keep your bloodstream life that is healthy !

Yes, Its “evidence-based fun”. Forget dozens of anti-platelet trial dramas … showing in the cardiovascular theatres near you . There is only 1 drug that is genuine that’s the great old humble Aspirin . Mind you ,none of other actors can be imagined for ever main avoidance.

In addition , there is absolutely no debate for the part of Aspirin in additional avoidance after established CAD.(We know , how Aspirin has brought up a role that is critically integral saving the life of this stents along with patients, post PCI)

Oh , just what a disgrace with this drug when considering from the glamorous cath lab areas. Its usage is usually frowned upon for preventing simple CAD. (All as a result of single element, fear of bleeding ? No , its exaggerated in many studies)

Overlap between Primary and prevention that is secondary

In primary prevention of CAD , what do we attempt to avoid? How do you distinguish established CAD from “Established coronary atherosclerosis but Non-established CAD ?”

The fundamental flaw in this observed controversy is within our failure to define what is significant CAD within the asymptomatic population.Do we are in need of a medical occasion to state, established CAD?

A long query . for the eye of evidence-based script writers . .

“How much evidence we must conclude , that a patient with manifest clinical CAD carry more risk for a recurrence than an asymptomatic high-risk patient who’s likely to develop the very first medical occasion (which occurs having a bang that might be an important ACS ) because of underlying quiet Atherosclerosis.?


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Discovered the secret of effective practice that is medical in only three moments !

* When I attempted to condense three years of my learning into the medical profession in three lines, we scribbled this. Sorry folks, you! if it doesn’t sound scientific for some of

In addition, what’s successful practice that is medical? Triumph for a doctor, client or both? The answer to this relevant real question is never easy.

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Physiological effusion that is pericardial of : Incidence and system

Pericardial effusion are detected in lots of pregnancies that are normal. The Incidence is as much as 40%.The normal fluid in the pericardial sac is about 25ml. a thin sheet of echocardiographic fluid collection in diastole up to 5mm is considered moderate.

A trace or minimal effusion can be Travel dating review a better terminology that describes many physiological fluid compartment that is pericardial. They will have no physiological significance.Mechanism is due to general boost in size of vascular compartment and especially the right heart volume overload.

Pericardial fluid drains through systemic veins that are pericardial lymphatic channels also drain into venous system through thoracic duct . In pregancy these drainage pumps work overtime at its peak capacity. It’s normal it might get fatigued and show some recurring fluid collection which will never ever go beyond moderate.

We also know thyroid hormones is one of the housekeeping hormones in the pericardial area.Physiological hypothyroid state is achievable.Effusion in true pathological Hypothyroidism causes dyslipidemia that is secondary. Right Here, some unknown lipid sub-particles clog the lymphatic and cause pericardial effusion which will be really an integral part of extensive systemic edema. (Myxedema)

Guide Hurst’s one’s Heart Valentine Fuster Mcgraw Hill, 14th version web Page 2347

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Random ideas: If extreme poverty is a disease . . . how about uncontrolled affluence ?

Poverty is really a cruelest disease of mankind , the vector that is infective not any deadly HINI or retro virus , but mostly the other humans themselves ! This is the reason that has included poverty into the ICD code ( Z59.5 ) as a illness .

We utilized to wonder , as being a person in Noble career , should we fight against this disease or be thrilled to spend my entire life time cleansing the coronary arteries of affluent human-beings and earn few bucks !

Can development of money expel poverty ?

We might think so . . . nonetheless it doesn’t most times .Of course , affluence bring more jobs to the poor , logically it will alleviate poverty. But , the reality is known by us. Its not that easy concept to comprehend . Nonetheless we now have robust proof for the ie that is opposite can aggregate poverty .

Then affluence also becomes a potential disease , Is in’t if poverty is a disease & if mindless affluence is an Indirect cause for it ? Will whom include it in ICD listing ?

May I propose Z59.5A to be called Uncontrolled & manic desire for affluence ? As it is created during the price of other humans , it must be clubbed along with poverty being a worrisome disease. Once its contained in the ICD manual , I assume it will be unethical to ignore this condition.