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X-Factor is the world’s biggest singing reality TV show in West Africa. It’s a show brought to give Nigerian youths the opportunity to showcase their talents. Its aim is to give a once-in-a-lifetime kinda miracle to the winner while encouraging those that couldn’t make it to the top.


X-Factor wanted their reality TV show well co-ordinated and managed. They were also interested in getting the largest fan base on social media in the whole of Africa; they wanted to captivate people’s attention.

X-Factor needed the perfect website that could co-ordinate the reality TV show; they wanted something that people would fall in love with.

Most of all, they wanted effective co-ordination of the votes from their fans using the social media


ETN.CONNECT GROUP designed a website for GLO X-Factor and took effective control of all social media; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc

Votes, feedback and comments were well monitored and co-ordinated


. Glo X-Factor’s YouTube page had the highest hits in the industry
.Viewers were engaged with real time updates on the competitors via Facebook, Twitter and Google+