Graphic Design – X FACTOR

Jun 12th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola


Recently, ETN.CONNECT was contracted to design and develop the online experience for X Factor. This worldwide T.V show was brought to Africa for the first time by Globacom. With the promise of a whopping 24 Million Naira ($150,000) as the prize, it didn’t take a genius to realize a lot of eyeballs will be scouring the entire Internet for information on this reality T.V show.


We at ETN.CONNECT decided to design a visually appealing and highly responsive website for this project. But this article isn’t about our web design skills, it is about graphics design so lets focus on ┬áthat, shall we?

Now imagine starting from a blank slate, no content or past to fall back on. The solution was to design the images with a focus on abstract themes. Using abstract themes gave us the option of being visually appealing while still passing a message.

In conclusion, our ability to create visually appealing graphical representation of your products and services gives you and your organization a jump start over your competition. Remember, people make initial decisions on what they see. Let us help you make your message stand out.