Managing Client Equity Portfolios

Apr 13th, 2015 | by Tope Olutola

With .CONNECT Investor, your financial management company can easily and effectively manage client portfolios without stress. By centralizing client historical and real time transaction data in one spot, staffs work more intelligently.

Lets see how to check client stock holdings and equity positions.

  1. Log In to .CONNECT Investor
  2. Search for and open the client folder
  3. Click on the Equity tab, then Portfolio. There you will see two sub tabs, Summary and Open Positions


  1. Summary Tab

The summary tab shows the list of stock/equity currently being held, the number of units, purchase prices as well as the valuation. It goes further by showing the stock percentage change from the time bought to the current time as well as the associated financial gain or loss on the said equity.




2.  Open Positions

The open positions tab is a page that shows current equity positions, units, price bought, cost basis as well as the associated current valuation and unrealized profit and loss . equity_portfolio_openposition


Simple..Best of all, any page can be printed or emailed to the client quickly.

Lets get started.