Old Ending…………New Beginning

Jan 5th, 2015 | by

In as much as we would love to have our books neat and balanced at the end of the year, how many of us can boast of Balanced Accounts? Do we even know how profitable our client(s) is/are? Do we know our growth rate? This is a new year, can we provide the documents we have worked with since January last year without going through the stress of opening boxes and banging drawers? Can we track the history of bank payments, withdrawals, deposits or transfers since last year? Financial Reports, do we even know what that is?

If you can’t confidently answer all/some of these questions in the affirmative, then you really need to think about redefining your business’ goals and objectives.

The important question I would want answered is; would we want to repeat the mistakes, inadequacies and inefficiency of 2014 in 2015?

This is a question that needs thorough consideration. The answer is dependent on the kind of person you are and the degree of success you want for your business.

With the New Year comes new plans, new decision and new budgets. Have you even done your budget for the New Year?

Year 2015 is a New Year thus a New Beginning!!! Do not repeat past mistakes.

Make the right decisions!

Make the right plans!!

By implementing software solutions like .CONNECT EDUCATOR, .CONNECT SHOPPER , .CONNECT FINANCE , .CONNECT PERSONNEL or .CONNECT MEDICAL, you are well under way to a very brilliant new year.

Adopt the right business tools!!!


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