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.CONNECT NIGHTLIFE is a software package developed for Restaurants, Eateries, Club Houses, Diners, Lounges, Hotels, Bar etc

It captures customers details and stores them for future use. Customers preferences and Order history can be called up with just a single click.

.CONNECT NIGHTLIFE was designed to allow different form of payment; cash, Debit cards, coupons among others. Customers can be given credit limits too based of company’s policy.

Inventories are easily tracked since there is a module for Stock audit where actual can be compared to system quantities and the different saved in a report format.

Alerts are shown on screen when for instance drinks or snacks are about to run out, so they can be restocked.

Suppliers/Vendors can be granted access on the software so they can track orders sent to them.

.Connect Nightlife has a unique feature that allows cashier/order taker confirm delivery of orders sent to the kitchen or external vendor, to confirm that what customers order for and what was sent to the kitchen was actually delivered.

.Connect Nightlife is POS enabled

Accesses can be restricted based on user role.

Reports can be generated based on transaction history, stock level, stock valuation, inventory movement and may more

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