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.CONNECT HOTELIER is a software that manages all operations of Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses and Inns.

It handles Room management, Housekeeping, Reservations, Bill management etc

Guests information are captured and can be assessed any time. Each guest’s information can be pulled with a single click. Their bill/payment history, reservation history are stored on the software.

Invoices, Receipts and other reports can be printed directly from the software with every document reflecting  the company’s letterhead.

Rooms are set up based on their types and prices. Discount can also be applied to guests’ bills. software automatically creates bill for guests that are past their check out time.


With .Connect Hotelier, Group bookings can be done; a group, multiple rooms, centralized bill.

Credit limit can be set for regular guests.

Hotel managers’ get to work efficiently and smarter  since the software will make available all reports needed to effectively perform their duties. Estimated revenue, future occupancy for a period can be analyzed based on reports the software spools.

All reports can be filtered by day, week and month depending on choice.

.Connect Hotelier can be linked to .Connect Finance-Trader, our Inventory Management software to enable tracking of inventories in bar and restaurant.

Accesses can be restricted based on user role.

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