Admitting new students

Aug 10th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola

The long term holiday is almost over. A new school session is now upon us. New kids, new students, new teachers and a new motivation to ensure this school year is an improvement on the last.

With schools quickly embracing the I.T, lets check out how we can use software to cut out lots of the paper work normally linked with student’s admission.

Every new session , new students must be registered. So let us evaluate the steps most schools take.

1. Parents come to school with student’s data
2. School gives parents a form to fill
3. Parents provide passport photographs of students to school
4. Parent fills and returns the form
5. A staff adds the document to a file created for the new student
6. Every year, the student’s file will be moved and added to other student’s files based on class movements

Well from time immemorial , this has been the way its been done. I am not saying it is wrong. I am just saying that in this day and age, it is grossly inefficient. Why? Ok lets think about it, let’s say a parent needs some data about his or her child in the school, they need to start looking through the files for information till they find it. I have seen in some scenarios where they tell the parents to come back so they can find the information being requested. I think its time we operated more efficiently.



By adopting a software, one can enter the students information which will allow for quick access of information. Using the earlier scenario, if information on a student is needed, all one need do is to type in a few letters of the student’s name and it will pop out.



2. Use Software to manage your school operations

With the installation and implementation of a school software, all school operations from student’s information, student charges and payments, school expenses can be operated from any computer. Imagine a scenario where a proprietor doesn’t have to be around but still has access to the latest information on his/her school. Imagine a scenario where receipts can be automatically generated from the computer system without having to employ the services of a printer. Lots of things can be done using this software.


A snapshot of a student payment module

Are you a school proprietor? Do you run a school? Figure out a way to introduce a school management software solution and watch your investment grow.

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