Tech Revolution in Nigeria

Aug 18th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola

ENOUGH!! Enough of the complaining. Enough of the nagging about what the government has or hasn’t done. Time is going people and everyone is leaving us behind.

We are Nigerians; We are youths; We are driven and capable.  We have the ability to imagine backed by the power of hope. We are the future.

The future I say. The future is here; it is now but it isn’t waiting. Other nations are on the future train looking at us; summoning us to join them but alas it is as if we are running in place as the future train moves along.

Hah! I told you we are youths powered by hope; engineered to succeed despite every difficulty.  We are Nigerian Youths.

Rise up. Pick up your laptop and your internet stick and design, develop something. We are not designed to be failures. We are not designed to be born and die with only a headstone showing we at one time passed through this world.

We are designed to change our country, our continent and the world. We are the generation that will make amends to all the years of shame. We will build; we will renew; we will develop our lands till it is green again.

All you need to do is to Think. Think of all the problems our country faces and how you, yes YOU, can help even in the most minute way. It may be a line of code or sharing your home for engineering meetings or donating your time to the progress of this race. Nothing is too small.

My fellow Youths,  unfortunately faith and hope alone wont get us to our promised land. We have to work till the cock crows in the early morning. We need to have sleepless and restless nights all in the name of our beloved country.

And smile you shall. When the joy of success flows through you because you know YOU contributed to the beautiful rise of our blessed country,

Nigeria. When even in your youth you see the brown grass turning green again.

We are Nigerians. Great People Great Nation. We can and will make it great again.

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