Anti-theft Features of .CONNECT SHOPPER

Nov 25th, 2013 | by Chijioke Ohaegbulam

.CONNECT SHOPPER software application gives you the upper hand and satisfaction in ensuring that your stock is well maintained, balanced and accurate. You call it peace of mind, we call it FREEDOM.

Many store owners are faced with challenges of how to monitor their store and how to ensure that the stock quantity and value are not manipulated while they are not around.

Furthermore, store owners are especially concerned about losing some of their store items to theft and mismanagement from the store attendants (cashiers) or managers.

CONNECT SHOPPER software solution is what you need to have a well organized store, balanced account system, accurate stock quantity and up to date store records. .CONNECT SHOPPER reliably knocks out stock theft.

The anti-theft features of .CONNECT SHOPPER include:

Password Protection: For an access to be allowed into the .CONNECT SHOPPER system, there must be a user account. Every user account is securely password protected. Setting up users’ accounts is very easy and can only be done by an authorized person assigned by the store owner.

Identity-Theft (1)

One Way Stock Update: Updating the stock quantity can only be done in one way through what we call “Batch Inventory”. The Batch Inventory system only allows stock update by addition. It does not allow stock quantity reduction. For example, if the stock quantity of an item is 20, it cannot be reduced to 15 except by selling it.

So, if you discover that the quantity of an item on the store shelf is lesser than the quantity in the system. Then, you can quickly conclude that item is missing. The store manager or attendant can then be convincingly held accountable. In case of a mistake in quantity entry and you wish to reduce the stock quantity, learn about the stock audit system below.

Stock Audit System: This system is a very special one in the sense that it can only be accessed and controlled by the store owner (administrator). It allows stock update by addition and subtraction. So, if a mistake is made in entering stock quantity or there is reduction in stock quantity due to damage or any other form of loss, the store administrator can access this system and correct the stock quantity as appropriate.

Actions Highlight/Recording: This feature gives .CONNECT SHOPPER the uniqueness it carries and it’s a feature every store owner would appreciate. In the Action Module of the application, .CONNECT SHOPPER highlights and keeps the record of every single action taken on the system. Actions such as delete, edit, update, add, view and so on.

So, at any time, the store owner (administrator) can check all that has been done so far within a specific period of time he or she wish to see. The entries here cannot be deleted and edited.

Super Admin Ability: This feature gives the administrator the super authority to determine what every other user of the software sees or have access to. As an administrator (store owner), it gives you the ability to control users’ access and privileges. For example, if you don’t want any of your users to have access to viewing the amount you make a day, .CONNECT SHOPPER will surely make that possible for you.

With CONNECT SHOPPER, you are on top of your game as it gives you the flexibility and liberty to decide what goes on in your store.

At ETN.Connect, we listen to your problems and challenges, our veteran team of programmers analyse the problems and we provide the appropriate solution that gives you an edge above your competitors and make you what you want to be.

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