.CONNECT BILLPAY : Invoice Automation Software

Dec 14th, 2013 | by Tope Olutola

Over time, I have noticed the major cause of our business inefficiencies is simply caused by our failure to embrace automation softwares.


What is an automation software?  Simply put, it is a software designed to make regular and usually time consuming tasks, computerized. These softwares are designed to reduce the hardwork, pain and repetitive tasks commonly faced by staff thus freeing them for more efficient tasks.

One task common with almost every organization is invoicing and payment. Before I explain further, you must answer two questions.

1.How many people are tasked with the responsibility of generating invoices and receiving payments in your organization.

2. How often do you have to invoice the same client in a specific time frame?

If your organization deals with clients who are billed on  regular basis, then a system which can automatically create invoices is a must. Why? To understand, ask yourself how much time your staff assigned to creating invoices perform the same repetitive task and note the time spent performing the tasks; then imagine a software that automatically does all these work for you. Best of all imagine the cost savings if that staff ceases to be a cost point for the organization and instead becomes an income point.

.CONNECT BILLPAY is a software designed with this in mind. One of the many features includes the following:

1. Generation of invoices
2. Scheduling and automation of Invoice creation
3. Effective Impact of generated invoices on financial statements
4. Receiving and entering of payments
5. Client account balances
6. Account head balances
7. Client specific journal statements
8. Powerful Multi currency features
9. Powerful exchange rate features
10. Extensive reporting features

….The list goes on and on.

If you are asking yourself how you can run your organization more effectively minimizing costs while maximizing staff efficiency, then it is time to adopt automation software.

Reduce the clutter, reduce the frustrations, increase your office efficiency.

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