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This involves setting up the School year, Term, Classroom, Class, Courses, Course Class Group, Marks range, Course Weight etc.

From “admin” menu, click on the  “Set up” tab. The set up page will be displayed just like the image below. You will start by filling all tabs highlighted in red one after the other


  1. School year is the duration of a school session. For example, extensively, school year starts September 1st and ends Aug 31st the following year.
  2. Term : Involves the creation of terms. It is important that a new term starts immediately a new one ends; there shouldn’t be a gap in the dates. This is to ensure that all date is accounted for.SETTING UP 3
  3. Class Group : This is where you set up all class groups in the school. Class Groups are the main classes in a school i.e. if a school has Classes like, JSS1A, JSS1B, JSS1C the class group is JSS1.SETTING UP 4
  4. Class room: Input all physical rooms here e.g Biology Lab, Library, Intro-Tech lab. All rooms where classes are held.SETTING UP 5
  5. Class : The first two tabs; staff department and staff will have to be filled and uploaded before the class details will be loaded. This is because staff responsible for each class will be linked to said class during class creation.SETTING UP 6
  6. Courses : Load all subjects that are taken in the school, be it compulsory or electiveSETTING UP 7a
  7. Courses Class Group : This is where the subjects are linked to the classes taking them. You can multi-select courses and classes by holding down the Ctrl key and  selecting the courses and classes involved.                                                            SETTING UP7
  8. Marks Range : is ranging the student’s grade i.e. marks from 80- 100 A GRADESETTING UP 8
  9. Course Weight : Is the total mark obtainable in Assignment, Test and Exam.This plays an important role in Test/Exam scheduling.SETTING UP 9.CONNECT EDUCATOR is a software developed by ETN.CONNECT NIGERIA. We are a software development company that provides all software-related applications that puts your company ahead of all others. Kindly contact any of our business solutions specialists on 08182542535 & 08031920068 or visit our website www.etnconnect.com