.CONNECT FINANCE; A Financial Module

Sep 16th, 2016 | by
.Connect Finance is a software used in solving financial problems in a business organization. It is an Accounting

and Business Operations Software ,that manages both your clients and Contractors/Suppliers. It manages all daily

transactions; Invoice, Quotations, Receipts, Way Bill, Sales Order etc. It tracks all expenses; petty cash inclusive.

With .Connect Finance, you will know how profitable all transactions with each of your client is.
In .Connect Finance, the following icons are important, they include;
The Search Icon  search– It is used to search for specific entries on the software.
The “Attach Document” Icon attach – This icon is used to attach all documents for safekeeping on the module.
The Print Icon Print print – This icon allows us send all documents / reports generated using the software to the printer.
All documents gotten through the software reflects your company logo.
In conclusion, .Connect Finance gives you total control of setting up as it suits your company goals.