.CONNECT PERSONNEL: The Tax Calculation Solution

Feb 27th, 2014 | by

I think majority will agree with me that Tax Calculation is a very sensitive issue and in as much as we would prefer being under-taxed over being over-taxed, the choice is not ours to make. You will also, agree with me that most companies over-tax and as individuals we just accept even if at times grudgingly without cross-checking. Very few companies get tax calculation right; just a low percentage of all companies.

tax2Most of us don’t know exactly how much tax we are supposed to pay and employees are usually overtaxed simply by annualizing their salaries every time. This shouldn’t be so. .CONNECT PERSONNEL tackles this head on by ensuring that employees never pay a kobo more than they have to by the end of the year.

Let’s shed our tax burden with .Connect Personnel.

.CONNECT PERSONNEL is a human resources management software designed specifically for the West African region that gives the solution to tax calculation challenges. HR Managers in different countries can simply apply the prevailing tax laws of their countries to .CONNECT PERSONNEL and rest easy.

The software automatically calculates your taxable income correctly bearing in mind your Consolidated Relief Allowances (CRA) as stipulated by the Government.

.CONNECT PERSONNEL is a software developed by ETN.CONNECT NIGERIA. We are a software developing company that provides all software-related applications that puts your company ahead of all others. Kindly contact any of our business solutions specialists on 08037217281, 08031920068 & 08156697808 or visit our website www.etnconnect.com