.CONNECT FINANCE: The Profitability Index Quantifier

Mar 4th, 2014 | by

How many of us know the profitability index of each client we take on?

Most times, we cross that VERY THIN line between profit and loss just because we don’t want to lose a client. In a bid to snag a client by all means, we tend to dip into our profit pool. Most often than not, the expenses incurred while transacting with a client is more than the profit.

It can still be endured if no profit was made but heartbreaking if the “so called” profit is in the Negative.

At the end of the year, we barely break even. That client we went all out to keep would have added nothing to our purse but regrets.

profit (1).CONNECT FINANCE gives you the power to control and manage expenses spent on all clients. Its flexibility is such that it allows you set your profit margin. I.e. you will receive an alert if you go beyond your stipulated profit margin. The decision to go below the profit margin or otherwise will then be yours to make.

.CONNECT FINANCE tells you how much profit you make and it calculates your profit in relation to the expenses spent.

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