.CONNECT SHOPPER: The Total Control You Seek

Feb 7th, 2014 | by

One common difficulty faced by majority of store/supermarket owners is their inability to find that person worth granting total control of their business.

Trust is indeed a very BIG issue which should never be over-looked because it determines the basis of business survival and perpetuity.

.CONNECT SHOPPER is your anti-worry software. It enables you manage your store from wherever you may be. Once you have access to a computer system and internet connection, then you are on top of your game.

.CONNECT SHOPPER gives you immense power to track inventory, monitor cash and credit sales, monitor expenses and block internal theft. You will know when you are out of stock on an item and contact your suppliers easily.

.CONNECT SHOPPER allows you make a choice of doing all the above-listed duties yourself or delegating to someone else. That person, can be granted full or partial access depending on your want, you will be able to control all information s/he has access to.

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