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Running from one part of your store to another to take inventory and issuing invoices & receipts manually will definitely take its toll on you. .CONNECT SHOPPER is exactly what you have been longing for. It is a one-package solution for all day-to-day store activities. .Connect Shopper is the right multivitamin for you and your business.


.CONNECT SHOPPER keeps you up to date on the going-on in your store, it eases all formerly difficult tasks. It brings your customers’ information so close by – just a click away, you can get in touch with all customers at once without breaking a sweat.

Your suppliers are within an arm’s reach. You know the availability or unavailability of each item in the store. There is nothing better than you receiving alerts on your screen before you run out of a particular item. We wouldn’t want your customers buying from others.

blackwomanWith .CONNECT SHOPPER, it’s all about you and your store.

It gives ‘EASE’ a new definition making YOU  the SOLE beneficiary.




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