ERP – Honda Manufacturing Nigeria

Apr 25th, 2014 | by

Honda Manufacturing Nigeria Ltd (HMN) was founded in July 1979 in Ogun State, Nigeria. Ever since then, HMN has continued its business by Motorcycle production and distribution, Power products distribution and Spare parts (both Motorcycle and Power products) distribution.

They are the suppliers of original Honda power products in the country, their products are guaranteed to be durable, fuel efficient (economical) and also environment friendly.


Honda Manufacturing Nigeria experienced delay in sales delivery and had difficulties managing & tracking manufacturing related records. The excessive paperwork generated from the manual modus operandi was unmanageable.

Other challenges are;

  • Zero client databases
  • Crude employees’ loan deduction system
  • Miscalculation of employees’ PAYE tax and pension percentages
  • Difficulties tracking employees’ benefits


ETN.CONNECT customized an Enterprise Resource Plan that took care of all HMN’s challenges. The modules delivered to  HMN were;

  • Manufacturing module
  • Factory module
  • Sales and delivery module
  • Personnel module

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