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How well do you know your Customer/Client?

With the Client Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, it let’s you view all the total number of client’s /customer’s in your business at a glance, with their current status and also their outstanding balance.

How well can you track all the invoices ¬†and payment’s raised relating to a client?

With the Client Invoice Module and the Client Payment Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you will be able to know all the Invoices raised and all the payment’s made relating to a customer in your business.

Can you boldly tender each Client’s Account statement for the period of 2 to 5 years when asked?

With the Client Report Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you find it more easier to generate Client statement of Account per period with ease, and without stress.

Do you know how Profitable your transaction’s with each customer(s) is(are) to your business?

With the Client Profitability Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you find it very easy to know if the transaction’s done with a customer in your business is profitable. This is because the Module put’s into consideration the total income, cost and expenses involved in the transaction.

Are you still paying printer’s to print your Manual transaction receipt’s and waybill’s?

With .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you can print or mail all transactions, Invoices, reports or past report’s e.t.c with your company letterhead and logo showing on them, thereby cutting the cost of getting a printer to print Booklet’s.