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A view of the client module.
A view of the client module.

A client is generally known as someone purchasing a professional services because they know they will get good products and good services.
Client module in .CONNECT FINANCE enables you to view all your clients at once in just one click, you can get to see information about your clients. The features under the client module are:

INVOICE: This is a list of products issued by the client to a supplier indicating the price of the products and their quantity.

PAYMENT:This works together with invoice. Once an invoice has been generated, a payment should be applied.

SALES ORDER:It is a list of product, quantity and prices purchased by a client.

QUOTATION:This is a list that shows the price of products or items the supplier has to offer the client.

COMMUNICATION:This is a channel through which information are passed across to client either through email, s.m.s etc

SITUATION REPORT:This is a module where you can document every communication between a supplier and a client