.CONNECT EDUCATOR – Rabbi Model Schools

Apr 28th, 2014 | by

Rabbi Model Schools’ aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience.


Rabbi Model Schools wanted to upgrade her school from the old ways to meet the I.T standard. She wanted something that would place her school above all others in the school business.


ETN.CONNECT deployed .CONNECT EDUCATOR to Rabbi Model Schools.  .CONNECT EDUCATOR is a school management software that is specially designed to manage all aspects of the school; be it administration, assessment, billing, expenses and communication.

.CONNECT EDUCATOR is a vast software that covers so many crucial areas of school management. It coordinates and keeps the record of the academical affairs of students from the very day of admission till the day of graduation. It also keeps the track record of staff information, course assignation, class periods assigned for teaching, salary payment, etc. It provides flexible privilege to all the students’ registration detail, academic records, payment history, health record, daily attendance and so on.

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