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Inland Trading Company deals in the importation and exportation of all paper products. They are the major distributor of paper products in Lagos.


Difficulties in generating and tracking invoices

Poor inventory management system

Complex and difficult accounting system


ETN.CONNECT deployed .CONNECT FINANCE  Module to Inland Trading Company. With .CONNECT FINANCE, the company was able to generate its invoices with its letterhead with ease. Its now able to track all payments as well as balance its various bank accounts.

INLAND TRADING has also been a great resource in the development and growth of this software by providing multiple insights into the way business operations should cross with software design.

.CONNECTFINANCE  is a software that helps accountability, offers a Powerful Audit and Access Control System, Monitors Clients’ Invoices Payment, Sales Order and Credit Notes and also Offers a Detailed Financial Report i.e. General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Way Bill Etc

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