CONNECT SHOPPER: How to Create Login Access

Feb 7th, 2014 | by Chijioke Ohaegbulam

.CONNECT SHOPPER is a trusted POS/supermarket and a store management software that has the capacity of having multiple account users.

One of the highlighted features is one that tracks all the actions carried out by each user with an assurance of data security.

.Connect Shopper has two interfaces; Cashier interface and Admin interface.

Three different types of login access can be created in Connect Shopper (i.) Admin (ii.) Manager and (iii.) Cashier.

Each user account or access can exist in multiple i. e. you can have more than one cashier, manager or admin. Admin has the highest and unlimited access to the system followed by the manager, then the cashier.


Cashier’s Access

This account user has access only to the cashier section of the software where cash and credit sales and checking of items quantity and price can be done.

Cashier Interface

Manager’s Access

This account user has a limited access to the admin section, he/she has the access that monitors the sales and ensures that the account balances at the end of daily sales. The manager’s account has access to all necessary features that satisfies and complement the roles of a manager. As a manager, you have an automatic access to the cashier interface.


 Admin’s Access

This account user has an unlimited access to the system. He/She can reduce or increase the access of both cashier and the manager which others cannot do and even see more than them. It is the only account that has the access to create new user accounts, edit accounts, and delete accounts.

Admin Interface



To set up a user account or a login access, you must have an admin role access that comes with the software with a default password that can be changed by you.

Step 1: Log into the system with an admin account already created for you.

Login Screen

Step 2: On the left side of the window, click on “Other Functions”.

Step 3: Enter the username and password and the role access (Admin, Manager or Cashier) you wish to assign to the user. You may also enter the discount limit in percentage that the user can give to customers.

Add User Screen

Step 4: Click on  “Add User”. You  will then see a  message that  shows that you  have successfully  created a user  account.

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