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An image of the supplier module
An image of the supplier module

A supplier/contractor supplies goods and renders services to a client in exchange of funds. .CONNECT FINANCE allows you to view every of your suppliers in just one click, you can also get information of all your supplier and you can as well modify if the need to do that arise. Other important features under under the supplier module includes;
PURCHASE ORDER; which is a list that shows products prizes and quantity to be purchased.

BILLS; This is a list of products prizes and quantities purchased.
PAYMENT; The bill works together with payment. once an item or items is been purchased, an instant payment should be applied when the need arise.

G.R.N; This is also known as goods received note. This is a module where the supplier enters or adds goods supplied to the store. In other words, Goods Received Note affects the stock because, it increases the stock once goods are been loaded.

BULK S.M.S; Bulk s.m.s can be sent to all suppliers at once,all the software needs are the internet connection, s.m.s credit and an active email or number to be able to send messages successfully.