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Before inventory is been explained in details, let us take a brief look at .CONNECT FINANCE. It is an accounting and business operations software which manages both your client and your contractor, it also manages your day to day input and also other important parts of the financial aspect of the company or store.
Inventory is a module in .connect finance that helps in managing every day to day input and takes care of every stock, movement of stock from one store to another e.t.c. The inventory module consist of two aspects which includes:

This helps in adding of new product category,product type and unit type. Before a product is been added, it has to fall under a specific category. After the category must have been added,the products under the said category can be added.

This sub module helps in monitoring of products. It comprises of three parts which includes:
product audit: it simply means stock taking i.e: balancing of products in the system with the goods you have in the store

product transfer: it simply means transferring of products from one store to another depending on the outlets the store has.

product convert: it refers to the transfer of products from cartoon to pieces or pieces to cartoon and it is better known as STOCK CONVERT.

In conclusion, .CONNECT FINANCE allows the flexibility of setting up as it suit your company goal.