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Having a Good Accounting Record is very important and also very necessary if you want to have Accurate Records in your business.

A good accounting record gives you important information that is needed to manage your business effectively. It also helps you to stay organized and prepared when you deal with both your customers and suppliers concerning any account in your business.

The Account Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE handles all your various accounts including your bank accounts, the various accounts you use in your business (Accounts Payable) etc.

The Account Lists Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE allows you to add all your different company accounts and also you are able to view all your accounts at a glance in the Module.

With the Bank Deposit Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you can monitor all the bank deposits that you have made; this is because the Module allows you to add all the deposits made to any bank. This Module also helps you to track undeposited funds in your business.

The Bank Payment Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE helps you to track all payments made by your customer or supplier to any bank in your business.

With the Bank transfer Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, it allows you to transfer money from one of your bank account to another bank account. This helps to track movement or flow of money in your business. It also gives you accurate reports and records on each transfer.

The Budget Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, allows you to create a budget for your business. It allows you to input all the amounts that you will spend for a certain year, and then at the end of the year you will be able to compare the budget amount with the actual amount you spent for that year. This helps you to know if your business is reaching its goal and it also eliminates the need of a manual written budget for your business.

With the Journal Module, you will be able to record all your business transactions and events which is either a debit or a credit.

The Bank Reconciliation Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, gives you a platform to compare your records to those of your bank statements thereby  giving you room to apply all the bank charges applied to your bank individual transaction ranging from bank transfer or fund withdrawal from the ATM point.

The Project Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, allows you to document all the different projects that you have in your business.