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Most businesses, organizations and companies often rely on their inventory records to enable them plan effectively, to help the company stay within their budget and also to know how best to respond to client orders.

Inventory can be seen as one of the major assets of a company. When a company keeps accurate inventory record; this record helps the company to know when or not to order new products. It also helps, the company to give accurate information to customer’s questions.

The importance and the relevance of Inventory keeping is very broad compared to the one mentioned above. But can we boast of an accurate inventory record including the number of each products and product type in our business?

With the Inventory Module in CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you will be able to track all your products with ease whether it is products in stock, products almost out of stock and also products that are not in stock and with accurate figures.

With the Product-Type Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE; you can add all your company’s various categories of product’s that you sell. The Module lets you view all the product-Type that have been added including the number of products that is under the product-type; and it also provides a place for you to document short notes on each product-type.

With the Product Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE; you will be able to add all your products including the cost-price and the selling price. The Module also allows you to add important information relating to your products such as the product type of the product, the barcode of the product, the supplier who supplied the product, the stock quantity, the quantity discount, the expiration date of the product and the quantity discount percentage etc. In this Module you can also view all the list of products that have been added on the software.

With the Unit Type Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you will be able to add all the products that are sold in carton, pieces and packs.

With the Product Audit Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, it simplifies the auditing process for any business because it makes inventory tracking more accurate. In the Module you can be able to keep track and verify all the quantities and the total number of products that you have.

product audit

With the Product Transfer Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you can easily transfer products between two companies that have been added in the software.

With the Product Conversion Module in .CONNECT FINANCE SOFTWARE, you can convert packs/cartons of a product to pieces of the product. This eliminates the need of calculation for the conversion because the software does the calculation perfectly and accurately.